Salesforce Implementation

This client approached us for consultation on how to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Based upon the client's customer aquisition, service, and retention model, we recommended Salesforce.

This client's sales team was rockin' & rollin' in less than 3 weeks, all employees trained on how to use the platform, and 100% platform adoption by all users.

"Now we can go sell the hell out of this stuff!" - National Sales Manager of client


Remote workforce

When the pandemic happened early 2020, it completely changed what it meant to telecommute to your job. 

This client transitioned his entire staff to 100% remote. We allowed them to access an on-premise accounting server using a remote control software called Teamviewer. Each user was setup with unique credentials, multi-factor authentication, and full end-to-end encryption while connecting to the on-premise server.

"Thank you so much I'm able to get so much work done and not have to take my babies to childcare twice a day!" - Ecstatic remote employee of client.

Tech support

This client had about 90 employees, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for network support but didn't have any end-user support. Employees were plagued with issues including faulty hardware, improper software configurations, poor Wi-Fi placement, and overall lack of IT support.

We stepped in at first offering hourly support. After a week we moved them to a 3-month SLA contract at an affordable flat rate. It's been over a year now and we still provide end-user support 100% remote over the phone, email, or text message. Whatever works for the client.

"We used to complain about the Wi-Fi and printing all the time. Now, we don't even think about anything being slow in the office anymore." - Marketing team of client.



Expanding an office space is both exciting and expensive especially when you're spread out across different suites.

This client approached us for consultation on how to connect a backbone between all their suites as they tripled their sales team. 

After completing an on-premise network needs assessment, we partnered with a local low-voltage provider to handle the job.

Now, the client has 5 separate suites across two buildings connected on a single network. Just what they wanted.

"I used to feel like we worked in silos, the same company but not really. Now, we can access everything on each suite floor as if we were all connected." - VP of Operations of client.

Office 365 -2_edited.png

Microsoft 365 Training

This client approached us for consultation on how to maximize on their technology investment for Microsoft O365. We developed several department specific training curriculums including Tips & Tricks for Outlook, SharePoint, MS Teams, OneDrive, and Project. Full video tutorials, live-training, and 30 days extended remote user training. Productivity shot through the roof with the increase in collaborative tools that have been there this whole time. 

"I can't believe how we used to do things. We are in the stone ages and now we don't even email files anymore. Not to mention, I have all files on any device I use." - Sales Manager of client.

August 2021