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Is your company setup for remote work?

IT is a foundational part of your business and, when done right, can help create sustainable business growth. In 2022, the need for IT is greater than ever. More and more companies are adopting a flex-work schedule that allows employees to work remotely either part-time or full-time. All of this is possible when you have the right IT team to manage and run the technology stack needed to support remote work.

Key Remote Work Statistics in 2022

16% of companies in the world are 100% remote.

44% of companies don’t allow remote work.

77% of remote workers say they’re more productive when working from home.

The average annual income of remote workers is $4,000 higher than that of other workers.

85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm.

74% of workers say that having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company.

The three biggest challenges associated with remote work are unplugging after work (22%), loneliness (19%), and communication / collaboration (17%).

We have witnessed first hand many companies losing employees because either a) they didn't allow remote work or b) they did not have the technology stack in place to support remote work. Losing key personnel will affect business growth for sure. We've seen the "snow ball effect" where an employees leaves, proudly sharing his or her new company is offering remote work, leading other employees in search of the same.

Want to stay ahead of the situation?

Bring us in to perform a quick assessment of your technology landscape to see what changes or additions are needed to support remote work. You might be surprised you already have the technology investments that just need tweaking to provide secured remote access.

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